Meet First Lady

First Lady Shenia

She is known for her quite strength, intelligence, and her beauty. First Lady does not have a lot to say, but when she does she says a lot! Being the First Lady of Fairview is a very rewarding yet demanding assignment, which our First Lady does with wisdom, style and grace. She is the twenty five year helpmate of Pastor Hill, and has served with him at every ministry they have been a part of in many different areas. First lady has been a Nursery Worker, Church Custodian, Nursery Coordinator, Nursery Director, Youth Minister, Women’s Minister, Nursing Home Teacher, Home Cell Group Host and Couples Coordinator to name a few. First Lady is always behind the scenes ministering to the people, giving the quite wisdom to wives and the single ladies and has a great insight for the couples when she and pastor counsel couples.

This is all done with a great bit of discipline and structure because she simultaneously achieves these things while being an excellent wife and mother of four bright, successful and well mannered young adult children. The children are all doing well, and are all either working or in college.

We are honored and proud to call her First Lady and she represents and inspires all the ladies and the young girls on just what a Woman of God looks and acts like. Being strong and independent enough to get the job done, but smart and sweet enough to let someone lead and succeed in the area they are called to serve.