Integrity. Character. Excellence. It is not just another mantra but a new way of thinking. This way of thinking brings our young people to a level of personal responsibility. Some people look at some of the activities of the I.C.E group and wonder what it is all about. It is more than just stepping; it’s about giving our children an environment to dance for a positive reason.

Beyond the stepping, let’s take a look at what this accomplishes underneath the surface:  One of the main reasons we chose stepping is it promotes team-building strategies. It takes the focus off the individuals and teaches them how to work together as a group, promoting unity. We use some of the same team-building strategies that are used in Corporate America. Our young men are learning how to take several different individuals with separate ideas and come together with one common goal.

The I.C.E. Group also helps the students change their perspective of what they think of themselves by teaching them to get out of their comfort zones. Many of our young people have never done anything in front of a large public audience. This lets them experience being in front of a crowd with the confidence of knowing that they can be successful in learning routines and performing them at different events.

This builds self-confidence, thus making each person operate at a higher personal best. The classes we have on Saturday’s helps with problem-solving and conflict resolution. We teach the students how to navigate in today’s society. We promote community involvement along with teamwork and individual responsibility. A person in the I.C.E. Group not only represents themselves; they represent the group; just as an adult represents his or her family, employer, and church.